How SchedulePro Analytics Work

How SchedulePro Analytics Work

How SchedulePro Analytics Work

SchedulePro is an industry-leading workforce scheduling software that is used at manufacturing plants across North America. Our strength is in delivering solutions that are tailored to specific scheduling needs and nuances of each customer. With a unique ‘pluggable’ platform, our system can be configured to accommodate any combination of work rules, no matter how complex. Having a foundation that optimizes your workforce gets your business ahead of the curve even before data enters the picture.

Our analytics features have evolved in line with customer needs. At first, we built custom reports to meet the auditing and data-collecting needs at enterprises. Add report after another, and it was not long before we realized how much insight lies in our scheduling data. After just weeks of scheduling, customers build up a reservoir, a wealth, of valuable knowledge about their workforce: how are overtime rates distributed across locations, where is the surplus staffing occurring, what are the most frequently-occurring compliance violations, and more. We realized that this information is too powerful to keep untouched.

Now, workforce analytics is a product priority—we are passionate about unleashing the potential of workforce data to transform businesses. We believe this knowledge should serve as the first step in workforce management. This data is not meant to disrupt or prescribe; it’s about allowing visibility into an often-misunderstood, but critical, element in businesses and empowering both employees and managers to connect the dots.

We have 3 guiding principles that summarize our philosophy:


Data analysis sounds like an intimidating task that takes endless days of crunching numbers, scavenging through piles of paperwork, and drawing up multiple charts and diagrams. At SchedulePro, we take care of the back-end wiring so that you can cut through the paper chase. Instead of waiting for weeks to gather data, and then another week to analyze the collected data, we serve up information as it happens, sourced right from the schedule. In our dashboard, you can get an immediate look at data such as ratio of vacant vs. filled shifts and the ratio of production vs. non-production hours.


Once enough data has gathered, converting the information into actionable items is the next step. Our reporting features allow the user to manipulate the data according to needs: for any specified date range, for selected groups/locations, for certain types of rule types, and more. And once the data has been organized, it can be exported into any file format that the user desires. This flexibility ensures that the information can be accessed at every level of organization, to fit whichever context.


This follows directly from our approach to workforce scheduling. Customization is core to our company philosophy and we believe in prioritizing your unique needs and goals, rather than asking you to learn our way of doing things. In analytics, this means understanding your reporting structure and building features that reinforce your strategic priorities and enhance your success.


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