WORKFORCE SCHEDULING for High Compliance Industries


Oil and gas, manufacturing, corrections, healthcare and other regulated industries face risks every time they create a shift schedule – confronting overtime costs, grievances and compliance penalties.

SchedulePro removes the hazards of workforce scheduling.

Compliance Uncertainty

Are fatigue and union rules being accurately applied? Can you adapt quickly to regulations to come?

Overtime & Staff Costs

Are you paying unnecessary overtime choosing the wrong people for shifts?

Supervision Time Loss

Is scheduling and handling shift coverage issues consuming your best supervisors?

Scheduling Software for Regulated Industries

SchedulePro provides the industry’s most extensive compliance oversight, with scheduling in synch with your operations and proven to save on labor costs and supervisor scheduling time

Unmatched Compliance

Complete Cost Savings

Facility-Level Personalization

Meet Our Clients


  • Since implementing SchedulePro, we’ve seen more than a 50% reduction in time and money spent on scheduling and a significant cost savings in the reduction in union grievances related to shift scheduling.

    Ford KCAP
    Ford KCAPRandy Clawson, Plant Engineering Manager
  • With multiple locations and dining platforms within locations, we required scheduling software that would work with the complexity of our operations. It has been a great choice for us to bring SchedulePro into our operations.

    SodexoKyle Peiper, Operations Director
  • We have used SchedulePro for almost a year and have found it exceeds our expectations. I really like the fact that the company is willing to listen to suggestions that our department needed and has since made changes. The customer service has been great.

    Sartell Police Department
    Sartell Police DepartmentWayne Schreiner, Patrol Sergeant
  • We now have ‘line of sight’ in any part of the country from any level of management.

    Ally Financial
    Ally FinancialRoger Phillips, Consumer Underwriting Manager
  • SchedulePro has skillfully made timely adaptions of the software to enable it to best fit us, and we could not be happier with the company, the product, and the staff.

    ChildServeAmanda Smith, Homecare Manager
  • We purchased SchedulePro over a year ago and have been extremely satisfied. The program works wonderfully!

    Benchmark Hospital
    Benchmark HospitalMark Gold, Staffing Coordinator

Compliance Leadership


SchedulePro automates compliance with Control Room Management (CRM) regulations for pipeline safety, CFR 49 192 and 195, and generates reports to track and prove compliance.


SchedulePro automates compliance with Recommended Practice 755. Follow RP 755 rules, and generates reports to track and prove compliance.