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Use SchedulePro to Optimize your business & get in compliance

Trusted by Fortune 100 companies, SchedulePro employee scheduling software, automates employee and resource scheduling while adhering to labor laws, safety regulations, and union agreements where applicable.  Complex workforce scheduling is made easy with SchedulePro. SchedulePro minimizes operating expenses to save you money, while selecting the ideal person for each job every time.  Fully hosted in the cloud, SchedulePro Web is ready to go without any time consuming IT deployments.


SchedulePro makes creating and managing complicated employee schedules easier and faster.


Streamline scheduling as SchedulePro adapts to your business and moves resources as needed.


Use SchedulePro to manage your organization’s specific workforce and compliance rules.

Benefits You Will Love


24/7 Schedule Access

Login to the system from any common internet browser 24/7.   Enjoy unrestricted and simultaneous access to your organization’s account.

Painless Schedule Creation

SchedulePro employee scheduling software, can create and manage simple and complex schedules for hundreds of employees within a few seconds using stored data.

Easily Solve Day-To-Day Problems

SchedulePro will automatically fill open shifts, and make it easy for you to see where your staffing requirements have not been optimized or met.


Optimize Your Schedule

SchedulePro adapts to your business and moves resources to where they are needed most. Each job is given to the ideal person while minimizing cost and maintaining compliance.

Improve Communication

Optimize your business as employees manage their time off and availability, while improving communications with their supervisors using SchedulePro’s self-management portal.

Know More, Save More

SchedulePro is more than just employee scheduling software.  It gives you fresh insights into where you invest your workforce and how to improve focus on your top business priorities.


SchedulePro Adapts To You

SchedulePro employee scheduling software, is highly configurable and can be adapted to the way your organization schedules.  You do not have to change your scheduling practices.

Manage Overtime

When overtime is needed to fill open shifts SchedulePro\’s algorithms ensure that overtime equalization and distribution rules are followed and additional costs are minimized.

Maintain Compliance

SchedulePro automates employee scheduling while adhering to labor laws, union agreements, and safety regulations. It also provides reporting functions to demonstrate compliance.

SchedulePro Support

When you choose SchedulePro, EDP Software will be there every step of the way, from implementation to ongoing support.

Project Management
Project Management
EDP Software provides project management for SchedulePro employee scheduling software

Throughout the project life cycle we provide sound project management in order to meet your objectives, timelines and budget.

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Project Implementation Services
EDP Software provides implementation services for SchedulePro employee scheduling software

Each organization has unique needs.  We adapt the implementation process to best match the culture and needs of your facility.

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EDP Software provides training for SchedulePro employee scheduling software
EDP Software provides onsite training for SchedulePro employee scheduling software

Prior to the implementation of SchedulePro our trainers will come to your facility to provide in depth “Train the Trainer” sessions.

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Get quality support for SchedulePro via phone or email
EDP Software provides quality support for SchedulePro employee scheduling software

Support for SchedulePro is provided through email, web and over the phone. Our standard support provides unlimited technical support.

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Client Testimonials

  • Since implementing SchedulePro, we’ve seen more than a 50% reduction in time and money spent on scheduling and a significant cost savings in the reduction in union grievances related to shift scheduling.

    Ford KCAP
    Ford KCAPRandy Clawson, Plant Engineering Manager
  • With multiple locations and dining platforms within locations, we required scheduling software that would work with the complexity of our operations. It has been a great choice for us to bring SchedulePro into our operations.

    SodexoKyle Peiper, Operations Director
  • We have used SchedulePro for almost a year and have found it exceeds our expectations. I really like the fact that the company is willing to listen to suggestions that our department needed and has since made changes. The customer service has been great.

    Sartell Police Department
    Sartell Police DepartmentWayne Schreiner, Patrol Sergeant
  • We now have ‘line of sight’ in any part of the country from any level of management.

    Ally Financial
    Ally FinancialRoger Phillips, Consumer Underwriting Manager
  • SchedulePro has skillfully made timely adaptions of the software to enable it to best fit us, and we could not be happier with the company, the product, and the staff.

    ChildServeAmanda Smith, Homecare Manager
  • We purchased SchedulePro over a year ago and have been extremely satisfied. The program works wonderfully!

    Benchmark Hospital
    Benchmark HospitalMark Gold, Staffing Coordinator

SchedulePro Clients